Virtual Cyber Office, and are trade names used by Today's Technology Marketing Group (TTMG), a leading computer service provider in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Today's Technology founded in 1989 has built a reputation for offering solid, honest business advice in the use of computer systems in business. As a result, TTMG, saw a way to "practice what it had been preaching." TTMG's message of the protection of customer data and the streamlining of IT in business gave opportunity for the offering of what we know call, "Virtual Cyber Office." 

Virtual Cyber Office, represents a collection of products, traditionally resold to larger corporations, provided as a service to smaller businesses without the requirements of large cash outlays. The provision of these services save companies money and reduce their risk to data loss and down time.

"Our services save you money and help eliminate data loss!"
- Richard Davies, C.E.O